YUC - Yet another Unit Converter


YUC is a yet another unit converter. A universal unit converter.

There are a lot of good unit converter's out tere. But no matter how good they are, or how much units they have, some have over a thousand units, there is always someone complaining that is missing the one unit they need. Or if the unit you need is there, you probably will have 900 hundred you don't need, or that you haven't even heard  of.

YUC doesn't have a thousand units, it has a little more than 60 unit convertions in 11 categories, but it's fully customizable, and allows you to edit, delete or  add any unit from the galaxy, without any programming knowledge required.
So, check the help to see how it's done.

YUC is very easy to use, units are displayed in a list by categories, and convertions are performed for all the units, not just for two, like regular unit converters do.


yuc mainwindowyuc categoriesyuc edit units


Yuc is available in Nokia Store in two flavours, YUC and YUC Free.
YUC Free is the light version, it's completely functional  but doesn't save any changes
to the unit convertions, that the user may have done, when the program exits.

(YUC for Nokia mobile symbian) (new version 1.1.0 should be available in the following days)
- Fixed web browser:
- Nokia mobile browser:

(YUC Free for Nokia mobile symbian)
- Fixed web browser:
- Nokia mobile browser:

- YUC for Windows (new version 1.1.0)

- YUC for linux (version 1.0.0 - linux mint binary only, depends on QtSDK 4.8)

The Mac OS desktop version and Wetab version will be available very soon.


1.1.0 - New features: user can copy the resuts to clipboard and save the units to a backup file.

1.0.0 - Initial version


Any questions regarding YUC please contact: joaodeusmorgado at yahoo dot com